Waste Disposal Boxes

Disposal boxes for your clinical waste management needs. Safely dispose of used pipet tips in thick acrylic containers with flip top covers that contain hazardous fluids. Benchtop and floor models of incinerator-ready cardboard boxes with polypropylene bags are available for the disposal of broken glass and empty vials that contained biohazardous waste. Select steel recycling cubes in your choice of size and lid type. Special boxes are available for recycling disposable lab garments, safety glasses, and plastic pipet tip boxes.
Product description

Quick flip of the port cover makes tip ejection easy.

  • Large, hinged lid allows easy disposal of contents

  • 3/8" (10 mm) thick acrylic provides protection from Beta radiation

The ward's pipette tip disposal box is convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipette tips, and eliminates any need to handle pipette tips used with hazardous fluids. Biohazard disposal bags can be used in conjunction with this box if hazardous fluids are not acrylic friendly.

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