Technical services

NAS provides years of expertise and experience in remote location equipment verification services

Inspection and Verification of Calibration

We inspect and verify your Bio-Medical Equipment to ensure it meets and operates to manufacturer specifications.

  • Detailed Test Reports

    Detailed Lab test Reports are supplied, along with Verification labels.

  • Non-Conformance Reports

    A non conformance report and certificate of inspection is documented, which outlines the non conformance and corrective action is recommended.

  • Follow-up of Performance Checks Records Maintained

    Follow-up notification to customer on all reports.

Laboratory services

Demand service on most manufacturers equipment.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance performed as per manufacturers specifications.

  • Laboratory Casework

    Casework layout and installation

  • Service

    We have many years of expertise and servicing of laboratory equipment on all major laboratory manufacturers

Remote location servicing

Servicing on equipment located on offshore installations, mining sites and refining sites. We are available at a minutes notice for travel and remote diagnostics

  • Offshore Installations

    All certifications for site travel in place

  • Remote locations

    Travel arrangements and scheduling to meet your requirements

  • Refining Sites

    Canadian wide availability

Canadian owned and operated

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