About Us

North Atlantic Systems Inc. began 22 years ago serving the Laboratory, Medical Equipment Supplies and Service sector of Newfoundland and Labrador with the goal of providing the value added services of sourcing much needed products, arranging the fastest delivery methods.

We offer a variety of equipment and supplies from major manufacturers and distributors. We offer Laboratory supplies along with a variety of PPE Supplies.

Our Sales philosophy is to be available to our customer at a moments notice, and provide expertise to reduce the load on product sourcing at the customer end, and arranging, tracking and delivering shipments.

Our Service team has many years installing and servicing many modalities in the medical and laboratory/scientific community. Biomedical Equipment Performance Verification is a huge part of our business and is performed in many sectors.

We are sourcing and selling our products and services to the oil, mining, laboratory ,and research sectors, along with many others.

Canadian owned and operated

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