Ear Muffs

Noninvasive earmuffs are used to protect against commonly encountered destructive noises. With an adjustable headband and nonirritating material manufacturing, the headgear can be comfortably worn all day. Tailor purchase between earmuffs with noise blocking, radio, or sound management technology based on needs. Extremely portable, the earmuffs can be carried between sites for optimal personal safety. The high attenuation gear is available in bright colors and exceptionally durable for daily use even in harsh conditions.
Product description

Earmuffs allow positioning the headband over the head, behind the head, or under the chin

  • Robust non-deforming dielectric construction withstands use and abuse, while protecting workers in electrical environments

  • Unique Air Flow Control™ technology for optimal attenuation across all frequencies

  • Snap-in ear cushions enable easy maintenance

  • Elastic headband strap is included for positioning when not worn over the head

Can also be worn with other personal protection equipment, including hard hats, visors, face shields, respirators, and welding shields.

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