Stryker Chest Compression System LUCAS® 3, v3.1

The LUCAS Chest Compression System helps emergency care teams around the world do what they do best — save lives. With high-quality chest compressions and fewer interruptions than manual CPR, LUCAS is your partner that will administer Guidelines-consistent, high-quality compressions until the job is done.
Product description

CPR quality

• Delivers Guidelines-consistent, high-quality

chest compressions at recommended rate

and depth while allowing for chest recoil

• Fewer interruptions, compared to manual

CPR, leading to higher compression ratios1,2

and increased blood flow to the brain3,4

• Higher EtCO2 values, compared to manual

CPR, indicative of higher chance of ROSC5

Operational efficiencies

• Calms the event and reduces stress by

eliminating the need to manage a

compression rotation schedule

• Frees up care givers to focus on other tasks

• Utilizes data integration capabilities to

enhance post event analysis and quality

improvement efforts

Bridge to care

• Overcomes caregiver fatigue by providing

Guidelines-consistent chest compressions

for multiple hours if required*

• Allows for hands-free, high-quality chest

compressions during transport1,6

• Extends reach of care and allows for

treatment of underlying cause during

CPR (e.g. ECMO/PCI) 22


• Rescuers can avoid awkward and potentially

dangerous situations when performing CPR

during patient transport

• Potential to reduce CPR-related injuries to

the CPR provider

• Reduces X-ray exposure of CPR provider

during PCI


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