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VWR has a comprehensive offering for the Mining Industry: Chemicals, Fire Assay Chemicals, Safety products suitable for a mining laboratory, a comprehensive offering for the Metallurgical lab, and a wide range of balances and scales manufactured by Mettler and Ohaus.
Product description

VWR is a manufacturer of laboratory chemicals and has a complete line of acids, solvents, salts and chemical solutions to suit the demanding requirements of any mining laboratory. Many of our laboratory chemicals are produced at Anachemia’s two chemical manufacturing plants in Lachine, Quebec, and in Rouses Point, New York. Anachemia chemicals are consistently rated as the most popular chemical brand sold by VWR to mining customers.

We also specialize in fire assay chemicals and custom made flux recipes using the highest purity litharge available. Our fluxes have gold levels as low as less than 1 ppb. Anachemia fluxes are recognized globally for their quality and consistency. Our fire assay fluxes come in a variety of package sizes and custom packaging.

Anachemia also has a long history of providing custom chemical solutions for customers around the world. Ask your sales representative about VWR/Anachemia custom chemical solutions.

VWR has a wide variety of safety products suitable for a mining laboratory. We offer items for personal protection such as safety glasses, safety goggles, dust masks, respirators, gloves and ear plugs. Safety equipment such as safety showers , eye wash stations, and safety storage cabinets for flammables or corrosives are also available. We also offer items unique to a high temperature environment including, gold reflective face shields, high temperature gloves and mittens. Spill Control products available for Caustic, Acids and Solvents.

VWR offers a wide range of balances and scales manufactured by Mettler and Ohaus. We carry large industrial scales used in the sample receiving and sample prep areas, as well as analytical balances and micro balances used in the analytical area. A complete line of balance accessories is also available.

A complete line of products from VWR is available for the analytical lab, including laboratory glassware, plasticware, filter paper, fume hoods, laboratory furniture, laboratory hot plates and hot plate/stirrers.

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