First Aid Kit Components

First aid kit components to keep kits and cabinets fully supplied are available. Alcohol prep pads and swabs, plastic and fabric bandages, and sterile gauze dressing pads, rolls, and sponges insure proper care of minor wounds; items are prepacked for individual use and feature stand-alone boxes for first aid cabinets. Pain relievers, antacids, and throat drops are individually wrapped for single use. First aid kit components are packaged for individual use and can be purchased in packs or bulk cases.
Product description

Vanguard Splinter Pick, OR Grade, Sklar

First Aid Only Cotton Tip Applicators, Acme United

Transparent Tapes, DUKAL™ Corporation

American White Cross First Aid® Looney Tunes™ Adhesive Bandages, DUKAL™ Corporation

Cloth Tapes, DUKAL™ Corporation

Grafco® Basswood Splints

Cold Packs, DUKAL™ Corporation

First Aid Only First Aid Tape, Acme United

First Aid Only Eye Pads and Strips, Acme United

Transparent Tapes, DUKAL™ Corporation

Calcium Gluconate Gel, Safecross® First Aid

WEBRIL™ Undercast Padding, Covidien

First Aid Only Alcohol Pads, Acme United

BZK Towelettes, DUKAL™ Corporation

Fingertip Safety Tape

Calcium Gluconate Gel, Safecross® First Aid

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