Eyewash Stations and Eyewash Bottles

Eyewash stations for quick and accessible care in emergencies. Open, wall mounted models feature bottles of sterile saline with twist-off tops and flexible eye cups; select closed stations for dirt and dust prone work spaces. Delivery systems offer an automated, gravity-fed and hands-free solution without plumbing. Convert your lab faucet to an eyewash station with a faucet mount unit that attaches with a threaded inlet. Plumbed eyewash stations that require a dedicated water source are also available.
Product description

This highly visible green station delivers purified, contaminant-free saline solution from a sealed, integrated delivery module.

  • Fluid pressure balancing system provides constant flow and stream height for entire 15-minute flushing period

  • Portable or wall-mountable; no plumbing required

  • Meets ANSI Z358.1 standards

Station features a fluid pressure balancing system that provides a constant fluid flow rate and stream height for the entire 15-minute flushing period

Eyewash replacement packs contain two cartridges, nozzle, and hose. Each cartridge contains 13.2L (3.5gal.) of saline solution and lasts up to 24 months. High humidity adaptors are designed for units located in environments with moisture levels of 80% and above. Adaptors are supplied attached to cartridges, eliminating the need for extra assembly. The sleek, durable personal travel bags accommodate six 29mL (1oz.) bottles and six 118mL (4oz.) bottles. These vinyl bags feature one-piece construction, additional pockets, and an adjustable strap. The universal bottle mounting device is equipped with an expandable strap and magnetic adhesive for simple installation. The device can be permanently positioned and will hold bottle sizes up to 946mL (32oz.) The compact and easy-to-assemble universal eyewash stand can be floor mounted or left freestanding. This lightweight, versastile alternative to wall mounting is constructed of sturdy steel tubing.

Additional features include a sure-grip handle, integral drain valve for easy draining of reservoir after use, and an integral fluid reservoir to capture waste fluid. Easily installed with no plumbing required. Portable or wall-mountable.

Certifications: Meets ANSI Z358.1 standards.

Ordering information: Eyewash station does not include eyesaline supply. Replacement pack 56611-108 must be purchased in addition to eyewash stations for proper use.

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